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 Book  Article and/or pages  Author  Area of interest
 Backpacker Magazine, September 2001  Savage Coast  John Harlin  Nootka Sound history and hiking
 Hiking Trails III, Eighth Edition  The whole book!  Edited by James Rutter  This book covers all over northen Vancouver Island from Port Alberni north to Cape Scott. It includes maps of all popular routes and trail as well as descriptions for the trail.
 Hiking Trails II, Eighth Edition  The whole book!  Edited by Richard K. Blier  Covering Mt Arrowsmith and a few other places, this is a good book to have. It is the same as Hiking Trails III, except that it covers the area below that of which Hiking Trails III covers
 Hiking on the Edge  The whole book!  Ian Gill and David Nunuk  This is an excellent account of hiking on Vancouver Island's most famous trail. The book is well written and includes amazing photography.


 Map Area  Map Number
 Woss Lake and Rugged Mountain  92 L/2
 Forbiden Plateau and Comox Glacier  92 F/11
 Mt Arrowsmith  92 F/2 and 92 F/7